PLAN 66:
Bill Booziotis

Giving To Nourish The Spirit: The Power of Unrestricted Gifts

Bill Booziotis AR 1960 remembers how receptions after Lewis Mumford’s erudite lectures and other small niceties were essential to creating a rich environment for his own learning. That atmosphere, warmly communicated by Professor Lawrence B. Anderson, originally brought him to the School. “What appealed to me was the vitality, enthusiasm, and humanity of MIT,” he says. “I was bowled over by how human it was.”

Discretionary support is important to Booziotis. “MIT has major drives for capital, for faculty, for scholarships and fellowships, etc., but it misses many gaps,” he explains. “We want to fund the cracks where a little bit of money is much appreciated—things like supplies for student models, gas money for student travel, competitions, pizzas for a charette, or a myriad of other things the Dean would like to do.”

For this reason, he used his share of the real estate that he and his sisters had inherited to establish a charitable remainder unitrust. The trust will provide him with income for his lifetime; at the end of its term, the remaining assets will fund projects at the School at the discretion of the Dean.

Bill understands that a vibrant community of learners must inspire the intellect and nourish the spirit,” says Dean Adèle Naudé Santos. “His contributions help us do both.