MISTI Korea Info Session: Internships, IAP Teaching Abroad, & Korean Food

Enjoy some Korean cuisine and learn about fully funded internship and teaching opportunities in South Korea--a new global powerhouse of technology, business, and culture.

Korean companies, research institutes, and universities are at the cutting edge of research and innovation in electronics, telecommunications, chemicals, automobiles, energy, shipbuilding, robotics, and more. The MIT-Korea Program provides MIT students with opportunities to intern in these fields and participate first-hand in the rapidly expanding world of Korean business, technology, and innovation that is making an outsized impact on the world.

MIT-Korea also offers service opportunities for dedicated, passionate students to learn through teaching by independently developing STEM workshops for disadvantaged high school students in Korea.

In both internship and teaching programs, you'll experience the opposite side of the cultural continuum in an ancient yet modern nation with a dynamic, leading-edge economy and society only recently rebuilt on a foundation of science and technology.