MIT China Program Fall Information Meeting

Come learn about the NEW and Expanded MISTI MIT-China Program! New fully funded internship opportunities:

-Industry Internships in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

-Fung Foundation funded research internships at universities in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

-MIT China Educational Technology Initiative (CETI) team teaching projects across China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

-MIT Samuel Tak Lee Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship / MISTI-China Initiative projects in Sichuan, Inner Mongolia, Qingdao, Shanghai, Xiamen, and Hong Kong

-MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node Office / MISTI-China "Kickstart" manufacturing innovation training camps in Hong Kong and Guangdong Province during IAP (January) and Summer (June)

-MISTI-China Startup Company internship initiative in Hong Kong

-MIT Regional Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program (REAP) research in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

Meet many of our students who participated in summer 2016 activities to learn about their experiences

Enjoy Chinese food catered by Royal East!