Beyond the Cradle: Envisioning a New Space Age

Space will be hackable. Space will be playful. Space grows ever more accessible to the space enthusiast through the reach of their DIY instruments, experiments, sensors and satellites, and soon through space tourism. This opportunity to design our interplanetary lives beckons to us.

Join us on Sunday, March 12 as we envision, design, hack, and fabricate our space future. We'll hear from innovation engineers at NASA, sci-fi's most creative minds, Hollywood imagineers, astronauts, and industry leaders in "New Space."

Talks from EAPS affiliates include:

9:00am | Welcome and kickoff "Houston, we are GO for launch"
Joi Ito, Director, MIT Media Lab
Dr. Maria T. Zuber, VP for Research, MIT EAPS

9:15am | Keynote
Julien de Wit, Postdoctoral Associate on TRAPPIST-1 team, MIT EAPS

10:45am | Session 1
Democratizing "Open Space" panel: Defining new modes of engagement from Earth to LEO
Moderator: Ariel Waldman, founder,
Kerri Cahoy, MIT AeroAstro STAR Lab Principal Investigator, EAPS
Ayodamola Tanimowo Okunseinde, artist and designer
Rie Yamamoto, Global Strategy for ALE
Andy Sellars, Director, BU/MIT Technology and Cyberlaw Clinic

In-person attendance at this event is by invitation only, but this event will be live-streamed <A HREF="">HERE</A>