Web 1.0 Conference

The Web 1.0 Conference is a one day event celebrating the creative, original, static (no backend) web sites, both old and new, that stand the test of time. Spend a day building websites and show them off at the end of the day! In 2015 we ran the first Web 1.0 Conference in Portland, Oregon, and it quickly sold out. Now we're bringing it to MIT!

Do you have some domains lying around that you'd love to develop? Do you miss building static websites in a time where the web was just a little less complex? Do you want to learn about new tools such as Mozilla's A-Frame for WebVR? You'll be in great company!

The conference is sponsored by, a static website hosting company based in Portland, Oregon. We'll have the founder here to give talks about making the web fun again, followed by VR artist Stephanie Mendoza on WebVR and bringing interactivity to the web.