Gentrification: Beyond Displacement

Recent discussions around gentrification in DUSP have engaged in the topic from a planning and legal standpoint ??? particularly in regards to the legacy of white flight and displacement due to rising rent and costs of living. However, the current effects of gentrification, its place as an agent of neoliberal capitalism, the cultural and social fault lines it exposes, and the hierarchy of value it places on citizens are also topics that are vital to address. When these aspects aren???t discussed, or are discussed without the leadership of those most affected by the issue, solutions will fall short of protecting the most culturally rich aspects of our cities. For this reason, it is crucial that we discuss all aspects of gentrification across a broad scope of practices and experiences, centralized around those most affected by it: immigrants, people of color, the working class,and people of queer experience. This panel is led by students and faculty of color as well as the LGBTQ DUSP community, to ensure that we uphold the voices of groups that have been systematically denied democratic access to Western urban spaces.

An interdisciplinary panel will engage what has traditionally been a planning issue on a broader scale of the humanities,& discuss gentrification from key angles that have emerged in issues in these past few months.