Sustainability at MIT: building a next generation platform

Higher education has often been a catalyst in driving both national and global innovation and sweeping shifts in cultural norms. Today, MIT seeks to transform our campus in yet another demonstration of MIT???s ability to marshal knowledge in addressing the world's great challenges. Today we seek to develop a vision for a Sustainable Campus that is uniquely grounded in the trans-disciplinary, problem-solving ethos of the MIT culture, yet uniquely shaped by its integration with the City of Cambridge and service to the world. In 2013 the MIT Office of Sustainability was launched and set out to transform the campus into a powerful model that generates new and proven ways of responding to the unprecedented challenges of a changing planet via operational excellence, education, research and innovation on our campus. By accessing the campus as a living laboratory, MIT seeks to expose students to cutting edge and scalable sustainability challenges and solutions via opportunities for applied research on campus and beyond the borders. Julie Newman, Director and Founder of the Office will discuss the process of launching a next generation platform for campus sustainability at MIT followed by a dialogue as to the role of DUSP students and faculty moving forward.