MIT Culture

Mark di Suvero sculpture in foreground, Gehry's Stata Center in background. Photo: Christopher Harting

One of our greatest resources is the fact that we’re at MIT. Universally acknowledged as one of the premier educational institutions in the world, MIT is permeated by an atmosphere of infectious, free-wheeling creativity, sometimes making a simple walk down the hall an adventure in inspiration.

The campus itself, stretching for more than a mile along the Charles River, is a living museum of landmark buildings by some of the world’s most famous designers and features an impressive collection of public art by world-renowned artists. It is also one of the largest single wireless networks in the world, meaning you can spend lots of time in cafés and still get your work done.

The faculty, students and staff represent an unparalleled range of cultures and backgrounds from all around the globe, and MIT’s dedication to addressing real-world problems offers students access to a world far beyond its corridors.

Best of all, MIT is a true meritocracy, where people from all walks of life are recognized entirely on the basis of their work. Relationships among professors and students are on a first-name basis and students enjoy an enormous amount of freedom to pursue individual interests.