Ampersand Concert Series: Peals & Tuxis Giant

Join WMBR and the List Visual Arts Center for Ampersand, Ampersand, a collaborative concert series that showcases contemporary music in Bartos Theater on MIT's campus.

<A HREF="http://www.pealsmusic.com/">Peals</A> is a collaboration between William Cashion and Bruce Willen, bassists for Future Islands and Double Dagger -- two of Baltimore's most energetic live bands. With Peals, the duo creates intimate instrumental music, shifting inward the energy of their other groups towards immersive and introspective performances.

<A HREF="https://tuxisgiant.bandcamp.com">Tuxis Giant</A> started as the solo recording project of Boston-based songwriter Matt O'Connor. Pairing open-tuned, fingerpicked guitars with hushed, lo-fi production, Tuxis Giant's debut album is an intimate and engaging listen. Now, joined by bassist Tim Regan and drummer James Steinberg, O'Connor is pushing the project's sound in newer, louder, and stranger directions.

Tickets are available for purchase at the door or in advance online at our website.