MIT Graduate Student Gallery Talk

Take a look at the Lists exhibitions from a new perspective. Join Carolyn Joseph (MIT Materials Science and Engineering Department) to discover more about exhibiting artist Gwenneth Boelens use of unusual art materials.

About the Speaker
Carolyn Joseph earned her masters degree from MITs Department of Materials Science and Engineering in December 2016. Her research focused on sheet aluminum production, specifically measurement of free-moving solid aluminum particles that form during ingot casting. Carolyn completed her bachelors degree at MIT in June 2015. In addition to academic and professional pursuits, she practices art and is involved in the arts on campus as a member of the MIT Arts Scholars.

About the Series
Graduate Student Gallery Talks at the List present focused explorations of our current exhibitions and are led by an MIT graduate student. These interdisciplinary talks examine art through the lens of students research, backgrounds, and interests.

Talks are free and open to the public.