Connect with SA+P

The SA+P community includes architects and artists, planners and designers, historians and technologists—a community as diverse as the disciplines we bring together to help MIT invent the future. Our community extends beyond the borders of the campus and across time, connecting our alumni regardless of where they live and when they attended MIT.

SA+P provides a variety of ways—from news and updates to groups and events—for this global community and its different generations stay connected. Explore this section for information on how to receive news and updates from SA+P and how to share your own news with MIT. See also these sections on affinity groups and resources for alumni.

Monthly updates from SA+P
The SA+P monthly e-newsletter goes to all school alumni, via the MIT Alumni Association database. Not receiving this monthly email? Make sure your contact information is current at the Infinite Connection website.

Weekly updates from SA+P
Our weekly news digest, “Five from SA+P,” is as interesting as it is brief! A quick, five-headline tour through what is happening each week with our faculty, students, and alumni.  Sign up here.

Social media
Every day, we share news about SA+P faculty, students, and alumni via FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. These feeds include articles that originate at MIT, as well as news we find across the Web. We also share original writing from the school community via our blog on Medium.

Events on campus
Visit our SA+P Calendar to see lectures, symposia, and other events happening in 02139.

Have a question or need additional help? Reach out to us