PLAN 83: Article
The Compleat Guide To The Media Lab

A Special Edition of Wired UK

The November issue of Wired UK is a lavishly illustrated special edition devoted entirely to the MIT Media Lab – ‘The Lab That’s Inventing the Future’.

Behind its three-panel fold-out cover of full-color faculty photos, you’ll find more inventions and ideas than you might believe could be squeezed into just 156 pages – or, for that matter, into a 163,000 square-foot building.

It includes stories on mind-reading devices, robots, fact-checking software, folding cars, do-it-yourself mobile phones, banana keyboards, sculpting tools, glasses-free 3D images and 3D printed houses.

You can learn about an app for turning your cell phone into a stethoscope, a digital dashboard companion to help you with your driving, a plastic wristband that will give you remote control over your surroundings and an app that allows you to describe an object through code, then fabricate it.

Read about Joi Ito’s plans for radically reinventing the Lab, Neri Oxman’s repurposing of nature’s best designs, Hugh Herr’s search for perfect prosthetics and Roz Picard’s efforts in empathic technology. Or try to wrap your mind around Ed Boyden’s tools for brain hackers, including the possibility of using of light to control disease.

In his introduction to the issue, Editor David Rowan explains the special treatment like this:

    ‘Of all the corporate research labs, innovation hubs and university

     campuses we visit, this one most consistently and reliably predicts how

     technology will affect our lives in the future – mainly because its experts

     are inventing that future.’

You can get a glimpse of the issue online and/or download the whole thing via iTunes for your iPad or Zinio for your Android. You may never see the world quite the same way again.