PLAN 68: Article
The Dean's Circle 2006-2007

School of Architecture and Planning

July 1, 2006 - June 30, 2007

Members of the Dean's Circle of the School of Architecture + Planning are important partners in sustaining the excellence of our educational and research programs. Their gifts of $1,000 or more to SA+P support ground-breaking efforts of our students and faculty, while investing in our ability to follow great ideas wherever they may lead. We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of the following alumni, friends and institutes whose gifts are essential to our success. We couldn't design the future without them.

Gifts of $100,000+

J. A. Curtis AR 1953
Mme Kawther Al-Abood
Robert A. Nay
Pamela Omidyar
Jeffrey L. Silverman 1968 GM
The Threshold Group

Gifts of $50,000--$99,999
Cornerstone RE Advisors
John M. Hennessy GM 1970
RREEF Management, LLC
Russell Investment Group
Mrs. Cicely Wheeler

Gifts of $25,000--$49,999
CB Richard Ellis Investors, LLC
Great Point Investors LLC
ING Clarion Partners
Michael T. Jammen CP 1997~
Robert M. White, Jr.

Gifts of $10,000--$24,999
AEW Capital Management, L.P.
Alan S. Borstein 1957 CE
Ms. Trudy Edelson
John Ehara 1975 AR
GIC Real Estate, Inc.
Ernest A. Grunsfeld III 1952 AR
Hang Lung Development Co. Ltd.
LaSalle Investment Management
Patrick C. Kennedy CP 1985~
Terence S. Meehan AR 1983
Mirvac Group and Mirvac Funds Management
Hamid Moghadam 1977 CE
Matthew L. Ostrower CP 1995~
Mrs. Max M. Sandfield
Dr. Daniel A. Sargent CP 1981
Sentinel Real Estate Corp.
Susan C. Silberberg CP 1998
Charles H. Spaulding 1951 CE
Benjamin F. Williams Jr. AR 1992~

Gifts of $5,000--$9,999
Jack A. Belz 1948 GM
Bill C. Booziotis AR 1960
Barbara Cambon
Jerome J. Claeys III
Russell N. Cox 1949 EE
Dr. Blake Eagle
Institutional Real Estate, Inc.
Dr. David M. Geltner CE 1989
D. W. Gittinger
Dr. Gary A. Hack CP 1976
Carl C. Howard 1929 AR
Geraldine Kunstadter 1949 GE
Leeder Management Co.
Russell C. Lindner CP 1986~
Bruce A. Nordstrom
Richard K. Olson 1991 AR
John T. Riordan
Peter A. Samton 1957 AR
John I. Schlossman AR 1956
Daniel M. Streissguth AR 1949
R. Gregory Turner 1974 AR
USAA Real Estate Company

Gifts of $1,000--$4,999
Douglas D. Abbey
Kurt M. Anderson 1960 AR
Tim J. and Kerry Anderson
John R. Barrie CP 1994~
James Putnam Batchelor AR 1981
Alan R. Bell CP 1978
Dr. Frederick R. AR 1950 and Maria AR 1951 Bentel
Jeffrey H. Berman 1980 AR
Peter M. Bernholz 1957 AR
Gerald W. Billes AR 1972
T. R. Burke
Thomas D. Cabot III AR 1982
Kevin P. Cavanaugh AR 1976
Tommy S. Chao CP 1999~
Tak-Chuen Edwin CP 2000 and June Cheung 1998 EE
Mrs. David L. Cohen
Karen Swett Conway AR 1986
John S. Crowley AR 1982
Mrs. Henrietta F. Dane 1930 AR
Diana M. Daniels CP 1974
David G. Dankens CP 1986~
Brit J. d'Arbeloff ME 1961
Robert Michael DeLaney AR 2005~
Paul R. Dermanis AR 1959
Professor Robert A. Deshon AR 1940
Charles C. R. Dillon 1971 AR
Alan B. Dolmatch AR 1968
Joseph H. Donovan 1976 AR and Janet T. St. Goar
Tenny Doone 1972 EE and Evelynn E. Lian-Doone 1973 AR
Alice W. Dunn AR 1994
Lawrence D. Ellman AR 1992~
Catherine S. Fogelman CP 1998~
Charles Fendrock 1975 EE
Carole Friedman
Richard J. Furman 1981 AR
Stacy Gaskins
Peter J. Genta GM 1989~
Dr. Rosalyn G. Gerstein CP 1986
William A. Gilchrist 1977 AR
Robert W. Gobel 1969 AR
Mrs. Carney Goldberg
Eli Goldstein 1977 AR
Dr. Raymond E. Goldstein 1983 CM
Roger Neal Goldstein 1974 AR
Nancy Goodwin AR 1974
Stephen A. Greene
Sanford R. Greenfield 1952 AR
Mary E. Griffin AR 1979
Irwin J. Grossman 1952 CE
Jordan L. Gruzen 1957 AR
Dr. Jun Han CP 1992
Mark N. Hochman CP 1974
Robert P. Huefner CP 1960
Laura Huntington
Jeffrey M. Johnston CP 1994~
Kennedy Associates RE Counsel, LP
Leslie M. Klein 1972 AR
Craig Lawrence Knight CP 2003~
Jones Lang LaSalle, Japan
John H. Larson CP 1955
Merlin E. Lickhalter 1956 AR
Dr. James X. Lin CP 1994
Andrew T. 1950 ME and Fuhsi T. Ling 1957 AR
David D. Marvin AR 1989~
Robert G. Mashaal GM 1989~
James M. May 1982 AR
Robert G. Mayhall CP 1988~
Adam P. Meinstein CP 1990~
Peter A. Merrigan AR 1993~
Max Munn 1966 AR
John R. Myer 1952 AR
Trevor R. Nelson 1959 AR
John F. 1965 AR and Laurel Nesholm
Walter A. Netsch Jr. 1943 AR
Randy G. Nichols CP 1989~
Martha E. Ondras AR 1974
Gene S. Park AR 1987
Ki Suh Park AR 1959, CP 1961
Young K. Park 1971 CP
Faith K. P. Parker
Priti Paul 1990 AR
John R. Perkins AR 1994~
Benjamin Virgil Austin Pettigrew AR 2000~
Charles G. Pettigrew AR 2001~
Andrew H. Popik CP 1989~
George R. Puskar
Martin D. Raab 1954 AR
Jeffrey William Rapson CP 2002~
William L. Rawn III AR 1979
Martin L. Resnick 1977 EE
Mark G. Roberts AR 1994~
Carl J. Rosenberg AR 1971
Eleanor Edwardson Rowan 1947 AR
Dr. Masaaki Sakuta AR 1960
Steven M. Schall CP 1988 and Alyce M. Russo CP 1989
Charles Scott and Linda S. Tuttle AR 1976
Tanya E. Segel 1984 CP
Joan K. Shafran AR 1980
John P. Sheehy AR 1967
Carol Shen AR 1971
Jayne Shister CP 1976
Bryan John Shumway CP 2001~
Anthony Simboli CP 1998~
O. Robert Simha CP 1957
Laszlo Simovic AR 1984
Michael J. 1987 AR and Lucy Skeldon
Dr. Louis E. Slesin CP 1978
Michael F. Slezak AR 1978
Bernard P. Spring AR 1951
Stanley P. Steinberg AR 1959
Abbott L. Stillman CP 1973
Sherwood B. Stockwell 1949 AR
William A. Swiacki, Jr. AR 1987~
A. Anthony Tappe CP 1958
Cesarina Templeton AR 2002~
Jay Timon CP 1998~
Edward T. M. Tsoi 1966 AR
Dr. Jon P. Wade 1982 EE and Charlene C. Ying AR 1988
David D. Wallace 1952 AR
Mrs. Mark J. Waltch
Ewart A. Wetherill AR 1958
Daniel E. Woodward AR 1998~

~Center for Real Estate Graduate

This list recognizes donors to the School of Architecture and Planning, exclusive of gifts to the Rotch Library and the Rotch Visual Collections. We have made every effort to verify the accuracy of this list. However, if some errors or omissions have occurred, we extend our sincere apologies. If your name has been omitted or incorrectly listed, please bring the error to our attention.