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With A Little Help From Our Friends...

MIT Center for Real Estate Aiming to Move to Central Campus

With the help of its generous alumni, the MIT Center for Real Estate and the Master of Science in Real Estate Development (MSRED) are poised to move to a new location overlooking Mass Ave in the heart of the School of Architecture + Planning.

The new facilities will offer significant advantages for growth of the Center's work, including further integration of the MSRED program with graduate education in architecture, city and regional planning, engineering, transportation and logistics, and the Sloan School of Management. The proposed plan includes a new 66-seat state-of-the-art classroom, office and conference spaces for faculty and staff, a lounge for MSRED students and meeting rooms with flat screen displays and video conferencing technology.

‘The prospect of moving the CRE into a new home at MIT is enormously exciting,' says Center Chairman Tony Ciochetti. 'The new space will give the Center room to breathe and expand in the years to come as we build upon the progress we’ve made over the past quarter century. This is a great way to carry the positive energy from our 25th anniversary celebration forward into the future.'

To help fund the relocation, the Center has secured an anonymous cornerstone pledge from a generous alumnus, and many more alums from around the world have stepped forward enthusiastically with pledges to match those funds. We are deeply grateful for their pledges, and they have put our goal within reach, but additional funds are still needed by the end of this fiscal year (the end of this month, June 30) to meet the costs incurred to date and to keep the project on track for this fall.

If you would care to help realize this important move, please contact Marion Cunningham at or Barbara Feldman at Your consideration is much appreciated.