PLAN 84: Article
New Faculty: Miho Mazereeuw

Founder of the New Urban Risk Lab

Architect and Landscape architect Miho Mazereeuw, founder of the new Urban Risk Lab at MIT, has been appointed an assistant professor in the department of architecture.

Working on a large, territorial scale with an interest in public spaces and the urban experience, Mazereeuw is known for her work in disaster preparedness. Her Urban Risk Lab [] – a cross-disciplinary organization of researchers, designers and decision makers affiliated with MIT ¬– operates at the intersection of risk and disaster, storms and earthquakes, floods and fires, ecology and infrastructure, research and action, addressing the most challenging aspects of contemporary urbanization.

Mazereeuw was recently a commissioner for the state of New York and worked on a report, Building Resilience in New York, with the Rockefeller Foundation and ARUP. She is currently collaborating on a number of projects in Haiti, Chile, India and Japan.

As an Arthur W. Wheelwright Fellow, Mazereeuw is also completing her forthcoming book, Preemptive Design: Disaster and Urban Development along the Pacific Ring of Fire, featuring case studies on infrastructure design, multifunctional public space and innovative planning strategies in earthquake prone regions.

Mazereeuw was formerly an Associate at the Office for Metropolitan Architecture in Rotterdam where she worked on projects in Latvia, China, Belgium, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Dubai. She has also worked in the offices of Shigeru Ban and Dan Kiley and has previously taught at Harvard and the University of Toronto.

She completed a Bachelor of Arts with High Honors in Sculpture and Environmental Science at Wesleyan University and a Master of Architecture and of Landscape Architecture with Distinction at Harvard, where she was awarded the Janet Darling Webel Prize and the Charles Eliot Traveling Fellowship.