Student Profile
'deserve Your Dream'

Student Profile: Adrian M. Gonzalez Guerra


Monterrey, Mexico

Previous Studies

Industrial Engineering/Economics, Northwestern University (2006)

MBA, University of Michigan (2011)

Degree Candidate

Master of Science in Real Estate Development, 2012

Interest Area

I want to work in Real Estate Development – specifically in Large-Scale Mixed-Use Commercial Developments and Multifamily Apartment/Mixed-Use Buildings.

Career Ambition

Mexico is at a turning point right now in many regards:

+ The first Mexican REIT ever was listed in the Mexican Stock Exchange in 2011

+ Sustainable Development has taken off and is increasingly being supported
   economically, politically and socially

+ Quality Real Estate products are entering the market (and flourishing), setting
    the bar high for new market entrants

I want to create value in my home country by taking advantage of the right real estate investment opportunities.

Why MIT?

MIT promotes an innovative and entrepreneurial approach to complex problems and situations – making me think differently about how to solve problems relating to (and outside) the Real Estate field. There’s no difference between what I’m learning here and the “real world”, since what I’m learning at MIT is completely “real world applicable”.

I personally believe that one of the most difficult things in life is to find opportunities where there really seems to be none. My courses, professors and classmates have all provided me with the tools and experience to either find opportunities where there are none, or create them.


“Deserve your dream.” – Octavio Paz