Student Profile
Dynamics In The Public Sphere



Degree Candidate

Master of Science in Visual Studies

Undergraduate Work

2001: Sculpture Degree, School of Fine Arts, University of Oporto, Portugal

Interest Area

My work merges performance, video, sculpture and design. I create site and context specific projects that establish inter-media relations, critically investigating art boundaries and artists participation in contemporary society. I examine some of the social strategies that transform experience into knowledge to learn more about it.

Thesis Topic

Daydreaming Devices
A research on art works I design and build focusing aspects of daydreaming in public.

Career Ambition

As a visual artist, my aim is to create and participate in projects that privilege visual culture as a process to expand the understanding of the waking life and investigates new dynamic forms of communication.

Why MIT?

MIT has a stimulating interdisciplinary context that motivates dynamic processes of investigation. It is a place that offers a unique constellation of professors, students and tools that instigate experimental approaches. I find it an excellent setting for inquiries concerned with understanding and transforming the experience of everyday life.


'Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.' – Anaïs Nin

Posted May 2008