Student Profile
Student Profile: Angelica Weiner


Marlboro NJ

Undergraduate Work

MIT, 2009

Degree Candidate

Masters in City Planning, 2010

Interest Area

Entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, coastal planning, social equity and job creation, Latin America and USA

Thesis Topic

The Tourism Industry in the Dominican Republic and Its Role in Local Economic Development and Job Creation

Career Ambition

Still exploring! Dream job is to be Hannah Jones (VP of Nike’s Corporate Social Responsibility and Innovation), run my own “pro-poor” international tourism business on the side, and then become a politician later in life.

Why MIT?

MIT is a data-driven, entrepreneurial environment. It is the quality of your work that matters above all else, and no good idea goes unexplored thanks to the diverse range of funding sources, business competitions and supportive faculty. Being surrounded by some of the most talented engineers and economists creates an exciting environment to study urban planning.


I’m a feminist, and my favorite quote comes from an MIT professor, Jan Wampler: "Everywhere I go - every continent, every country - it's the women of the world who are organizing to change it for the better."