Student Profile
Student Profile: Ben Wood

Southwick, West Sussex, England

SM Visual Studies, June 2007
BFA Digital Media, San Francisco Art Institute, 2003
West Valley College, 2001

Interest Area

Visual Art, Video, Animation, 3D, Projection, Web Media, Digital
Media, Archaeology, Murals

Thesis Topic

Diego Rivera’s Rockefeller Mural, Man at the Crossroads

Career Ambition

I have always hoped, as an artist might, that I will be able to achieve the goal of showing my work in order to actively contribute to the environment and society where I live.  My hope is that I will be in a location and situation that allows me the flexibility to continue to grow and challenge the definition of what art practice can be.

I see the role of the artist as someone who may reflect upon larger issues and propose something new and better, to learn from the past in order to teach and propose something better for the future. My work addresses issues of learning from those who have come before.  It is my intention to embrace the opportunities that I am given, in order to positively contribute to those environments in which I find myself, whether it is as a teacher, artist or designer.

Why MIT?

For me MIT seemed an obvious place to advance and strengthen my visual arts practice in a critical and discursive environment where one has access great minds and powerful tools in technology and science. Moving to the east coast after living for six years in California was a big decision. There, in Silicon Valley and San Francisco, I had already been exposed to new technology that informed my fine art practice and allowed me to work in both fields.  Coming to MIT, I have been able to challenge my practice, particularly working with other artists such as Krzysztof Wodiczko and Antoni Muntadas has made this a unique, enriching and beneficial experience that, I hope, will help me as I continue with my own independent work.


"Think, Think, Think and Think some more." - Krzysztof Wodiczko