Student Profile
Student Profile: Bob Mohr


Can't say that I have one! My family roots are in Iowa, I was born in Tripoli, Libya and spent my childhood in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Degree Candidate

Candidate for a dual degree - SMArchs: Architecture + Urbanism; MCP

Undergraduate Work

Bachelor of Architecture, minor in African American Studies, Iowa State University, 2000

Interest Area

I'm interested in many things! I've always maintained an interest in cultural identity and power as it relates to, and can be manifested in, architecture and city form. Lately, that has evolved into the question of democracy and the public sphere, the capacity of designers to "do good" and the role of the architect in an ever-globalizing world.

Thesis Topic

There are many in my head. They range from a study of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense and their occupation of public space in Oakland Californa, to political power structures and the pursuit of environmental and social sustainability, to nation-building in South Asia and a post-occupancy evaluation of Doxiadis' Islamabad.

Career Ambition

Above all, I want to help people and do good work. I imagine myself combining teaching and the practice of architecture and urban design, ideally in an international setting.

Why MIT?

MIT, at its core, is an open-source network - reflected in both the architecture and campus plan and in the unusually high level of accessibility here. The depth of research experience behind the frosted glass doors of these hallways is a truly amazing resource. I initially came to MIT specifically for the structure of the SMArchS program. It really encourages self-directed individuals to pursue the issues they are interested in, with tremendous support.