Student Profile
Student Profile: Campbell Mayer


Boulder CO

Undergraduate Work

University of Oregon, 1998
School of Architecture, Department of Planning, Public Policy & Management

Degree Candidate

Master of City Planning, International Development Group

Interest Area

Affordable Housing, Economic Development & Regional Planning in Emerging Markets/Developing Countries

Thesis Topic

Implementation of Affordable Housing Projects in Kampala, Uganda- Overcoming Barriers, Preserving Affordability and Securing Property Rights for Low Income Families

Career Ambition

To create a network of affordable housing franchises that facilitates sustainable communities for low-income earners across the developing world.

Why MIT?

I came to MIT to learn and train with cutting-edge thinkers, gain technical training to uncover root causes and to exchange ideas with fellow practitioners.


“Society is like a stew, if you don’t stir it up every once and a while, a thick scum rises to the top.” –Edward Abbey