Student Profile
Student Profile: Daniel Berry

Caracas, Venezuela
BA, Princeton University 2001
Candidate for Master in City Planning (MCP)

Interest Area

Design, people, places and how the change

Thesis Topic

Detroit - What can we learn from investigating and re-interpreting the city?

Career Ambition

I don’t view my ‘career’ as something separate from anything else I do, nor do I view a ‘career’ as tied to a particular profession, way of life, etc. It is, simply, my life today, and to come. My ambition is to not sleepwalk through life: to pay attention, stay open-minded, and not shut myself off from people, things, or ideas. I also strive to make things as I go along. Making – as William Pope.L puts it – is an important risk, not to be missed, even if it means making a mistake (which, by the way, indicates that you are still learning).

Why MIT?

It's a bazaar for ideas. You bargain on the basis of your ability; difference is embraced, not suppressed; and there is usually a surplus of goods on offer.


What are you waiting for… permission?