Student Profile
Student Profile: Ella Peinovich


Arkansaw WI

Undergraduate Work

University of Milwaukee School of Architecture and Urban Planning, 2006

Degree Candidate

Master of Architecture, 2012 Interest Area Digital Manufacturing of Architecture for Development

Thesis Topic

Localized Design-Manufacture for Developing Countries: A Methodology for Creating Culturally Sustainable Architecture

Career Ambition

I will be returning to Kenya in the spring of 2012 to implement commercial applications designed by my organization, LocalDM. LocalDM uses CAD/CAM equipment to fabricate precision molds for use in the manufacturing of precast ferrocement components in Kenya. The current production includes solutions for a number of infrastructural and energy needs, including an adequate and affordable housing module, an eco-san toilet, wind turbines and a bio-digester.

Why MIT?

I came to MIT for the multi-disciplinary opportunities and resources afforded to students, from design and fabrication tools to entrepreneurship resources. It is an institution that allows students room to experiment and create, and rewards outliers in each field. Most importantly, I came to MIT to learn amongst the bright minds that make MIT what it is in reputation and practice.
Quote Doing good is not in any way a contradiction of doing well.