Student Profile
Student Profile: Felecia Davis


Pasadena CA
New York NY

Undergraduate Work

BS Engineering, Tufts University School of Engineering

Master's Work

Master of Architecture, Princeton University School of Architecture

Degree Candidate

PhD Design and Computation, MIT School of Architecture + Planning

Interest Area

Architecture and Textiles or Architextiles

Thesis Topic

Became interested in computation through knitting and learning how to knit for relaxation at the same time that I was learning how to program to make visual patterns on the computer. Many members of the knitting group I went to knew various kinds of stitches by heart and I began to look at the way the knitter’s patterns were written and how they understood the code, and what had to be told to the computer to get it to draw these same patterns in knitting. There are so many fabrication techniques such as knitting, weaving, lace-making etc. that may offer architects new possibilities for fabrication and suggest other ways of creating architecture and space.

Career Ambition

I already have my own firm so I plan to continue to own and run my own architecture and design firm. I am focusing on design projects that are at the intersection of architecture, craft and the digital arts. I plan to continue to teach and tell others what I have learned.

Why MIT?

The freedom and time to create a program to answer questions that may not so easily be answered in one discipline. The freedom to experiment and to learn by doing.