Student Profile
Student Profile: Hasan Halkali


Istanbul, Turkey

Undergraduate Work

BS, Business Administration, Arcadia University (Beaver College), 1994
BA, Mathematics, Arcadia University (Beaver College), 1995
MEng., Construction Engineering & Management, University of Michigan, 1997

MIT Degree

MSRED, 2006

Interest Area

Large-scale mixed-use development opportunities on national and international levels

Thesis Topic

Opportunities and Obstacles for Foreign Investors in Turkish Real Estate

Career Ambition

My long-term goal is to return to Turkey and serve as a liaison between global real estate investment sources and Turkish policy makers to create investment vehicles that will help shape Turkey’s new cities. I plan to create public and private partnership programs aimed at providing opportunities for local businesses as well as international investors.

Why MIT?

The best Real Estate program in the country.


Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. Winston Churchill