Student Profile
Student Profile: Jae Rhim Lee

Atlanta, GA
BA in Psychology, Wellesley College 1998
Candidate for SM in Visual Studies

Interest Area

Psychology, ecopsychology, botany, the body and design

Thesis Topic

My thesis deals with water reclamation, human waste, nutrition, ethnobotany, and death. It will feature community dinners with menus designed to produce urine that will be fed into hydroponic systems with legal psychoactive plants, vegetables and flowers. I plan to incorporate the flowers into the MIT campus landscape and make kimchi, sauerkraut, teas and tinctures.

Career Ambition

Currently under some radical revisions... three weeks ago I wanted to be an ecopsychologist. Tomorrow I think I may veer towards being an eco-designer, yoga teacher, and/or life coach.

Why MIT?

I don't have enough superlatives to describe the range of opportunities here. Because I felt it would be best for me to learn about artmaking outside of a traditional art school, in an intense design and science-oriented environment. Because of the faculty in the Visual Arts Program.