PLAN 72: Student Profile
Student Profile: Jegan Vincent De Paul


Toronto, Canada

Degree Candidate

Master of Science in Visual Studies

Undergraduate Work

University of Toronto – Bachelor of Arts – 2004
University of Toronto – Master of Architecture - 2007

Interest Area

Visual representation of critical theories on labor, consumption and power.

Thesis Topic

Questions of Labor & Energy Within a Trandisciplinary Art Practice
‘A Theoretical Trajectory from the Body to Electricity’

Career Ambition

International development, focusing on creative and socially meaningful solutions to energy security for marginalized communities. Contribute my skills and knowledge to organizations where science, technology and society overlap such as UNESCO.

Why MIT?

Allows and encourages a much needed cross-pollination of the humanities with sciences & technology. Financially and intellectually supportive of unique research topics and goals.


The world needs to be a better place – we have to look at all the physical objects and events around us as if they are collective forms of communication speaking directly to us and asking for change.