Student Profile
Student Profile: Jelena Pejkovic

Belgrade, Serbia
BA in Architecture and Urban Design (special concentration), cum laude, Harvard University 2003
Candidate for Master of Architecture, February 2006

Interest Area

Contemporary architecture in historic cities; computation in architecture

Thesis Topic

Awakening Perast, a baroque town in Montenegro, through innovating the relationship between its historic architecture and the proposed contemporary addition – a school for conservation of art.

Career Ambition

How could it be anything short of changing the world :)
In all seriousness, if the architecture I eventually design and see built turns out to be a set of engaging, invigorating places pulsating with life, I will consider myself successful in what I do.

Why MIT?

What attracted me to MIT was not only the amazing breadth of architectural education that the school offers, but also the sense of awaiting adventure that permeates the place and the brilliance of its faculty and students who in spite of their remarkable abilities never seem to show any signs of unnecessary arrogance that too often comes with exceptional talent.


If you have to choose between Harvard and MIT, take both.