Student Profile
Student Profile: Lawrence Barriner Ii

"Deepening Our Knowledge of the Earth and Its Complex Systems"


Tallahassee FL

Undergraduate Work

MIT (SB expected Spring 2014)

Degree Candidate

MCP expected Spring 2014

Interest Area

Environmental Policy and Planning; Housing, Community and Economic Development Thesis Topic
Undecided. But a possible topic might be explore how Urban Agriculture projects can begin to change the way we think about environmental sustainability, housing/residential policy and community development. Also, can small- to medium-sized, local urban agriculture projects provide meaningful work for residents and productive use of vacant land in shrinking cities?

Career Ambition

In the longest term, I would like to change the way we (i.e. humanity) think about the environment. Simply put: without the earth, none of us would exist, yet historically we consider care of it as a low-level priority at best. I would like to see a reversal in this trend. Instead of planning and then thinking about the environmental repercussions, I would like to see us think about how we can deepen our understanding of the earth and its complex systems and maybe even build positive feedback cycles so that as we build, we improve the earth which would then benefit us even further.

Why MIT?

Not only is the academic atmosphere here extremely engaging and rigorous, but the network of people and organizations is unlike any other in the world. I personally believe that what you learn in the classroom is just the beginning of what you should gain from a full college experience. Honestly, sometimes the most valuable learning comes not just from professors and teachers, but from colleagues as well. No other school in the world has such an incredible mix of outstanding teachers AND incredibly driven students.


They say that I am crazy
because I refuse to be crazy
the way everyone else is crazy.

– Peter Maurin