Student Profile
Student Profile: Oladimeji Odusote


Origins in Ogun state, Nigeria. But literally the town of my home is Lagos, Nigeria - where I lived all my life prior to MIT.

Degree Candidate

Master of Science in Real Estate Development

Undergraduate Work

BSc Architecture, 2002 and MED Architecture, 2004, University of Lagos, Nigeria

Interest Area

Cities - what makes them tick? How do we get them to tick better? The role of the development of the built environment in this 'better ticking'.

Career Ambition

Ultimately, a role in the engineering/re-engineering of towns and cities working through public/private partnerships.

Why MIT?

Mens et Manus: The notion that change and progress are the result, not just of action [hand], but of action as a result of sound reasoning [mind]. I personally subscribe to the idea that understanding of first principles is imperative to making meaningful contributions, especially in fields that cut across traditional disciplines - fields where there are no second principles to rely on! And what is more inter-disciplinary than the complex practice that is real estate development? Better still, the complex practice that is real estate development in a developing country?


A story is told of time when scientists thought it impossible for the bumble bee to fly, but the bumble bee went and flew anyways. The lesson of the story: They might say it's impossible but what do they really know? 'Go ahead and fly anyways!'