Student Profile
Student Profile: Ritesh K. Warade

Bombay (Mumbai), India

Candidate for a dual degree - Master of City Planning + Master of Science in Transportation, MIT June 2007
Master of Urban Design, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2002
Bachelor of Architecture, Sir J. J. College of Architecture, University of Bombay (Mumbai), 2000

Interest Area

I am interested in the nexus between transportation planning and urban development, specifically the effect of existing and proposed transportation systems and infrastructure upon urban development; the interaction between transportation and land use planning; and the design and planning of transit oriented developments.

Thesis Topic

The Accessibility and Development Impacts of New Transit Infrastructure: The Circle Line in Chicago

Career Ambition

I want to work as a consultant in the field of Transportation Planning, and Transport Infrastructure Development - to help cities pursue their transportation and urban development needs in a coordinated and sustainable manner. I also want to apply my skills to improve transit systems in developing countries, and especially in my hometown: Bombay, India.

Why MIT?

It was always my dream to come to MIT having heard so much about the place and the people. The planning department has an outstanding faculty whose interests are broad and varied, and its students are the best in the world (the real secret to MIT’s success). All the work, academic and research, is interdisciplinary, and grounded in the ‘real world’. MIT is the ideal place to pursue a planning education, and for me, it has turned out to be the most intellectually stimulating place I have ever been in.


There are people here at MIT with the sheer intelligence and knowledge to come up with brilliant ideas and solutions, and then also have the skills, patience and tact to implement them!