Student Profile
Student Profile: Robbin Nicole Chapman

Brooklyn, New York
BS in Computer Science, Brooklyn College of CUNY, 1994
Candidate for PhD, 2006

Interest Area

My passion is creating at the intersection of community, cognition, and technology. I develop technologies that engage people in intentional reflection on their project-based learning experiences. One goal is to evolve communities of practice around reflection and other deep-learning activities. In the Pearls of Wisdom project, learners design digital artifacts that contain project how-to information and personal reflections on their design and learning processes. As a collection, these digital artifacts represent the ideas and activities culturally resonant within the learning community, as well as the diversity of perspectives that define it.

Another area of interest focuses on the challenges of technology and gender equity, particularly with regard to fostering awareness of inequities in technology-enhanced learning environments and developing more inclusive technologies.

Thesis Topic

Pearls of Wisdom: Learning in Distributed Constructionist Cooperatives

Career Ambition

I'm planning a career in academia. I love teaching and working with students and I want to continue my research. People learn a great deal when they are actively engaged in designing and inventing things. I will continue exploring how technologies can help people learn new things in new ways. My work will impact the ways we view the role of technology in our lifelong learning process.

Why MIT?

MIT is a hub of great thinking and bold creativity. I love how we move from innovative and creative ideas to building and inventing things that make an impact in the "real world." From the first day I arrived, I knew I belonged at MIT. I'm proud to contribute to its mission.


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