Student Profile
Student Profile: Ryan Chin


Worcester, Mass.

Undergraduate Work (degree, school & year graduated):

Bachelor of Science in Architecture, The Catholic University of America
Bachelor of Civil Engineering, The Catholic University of America
Graduated with both degrees in 1997.

Degree Candidate (or Degree for recent grads)

PhD Candidate, Media Arts and Sciences, 2008
Master of Science, Media Arts and Sciences, 2004

Master of Architecture, MIT, 2000

Interest Area

Mass Customization and Personalization
Comparative Processes: Urban, Architectural, Product, and Automotive Design
Open Innovation

Thesis Topic:

Design Fundamentals for Mass Customization

Career Ambition:

In no particular order with the exception of finishing my PhD and the Concept Car project: research, create startups, open a design consultancy, publish, and teach.

Why MIT?:

MIT is a great place to interact and collaborate with others. The innumerable perspectives and expertise at the Institute allows ideas to grow by a multifaceted critique and constant re-invention. The positive and entrepreneurial environment allows students with initiative to be daring and adventurous.