Student Profile
Student Profile: Yoohoon Jeon


Seoul, Korea

Degree Candidate

Master of Science in Real Estate Development, 2010

Previous Degrees

BS, Business Administration, Yonsei University, 1992
MS, Finance, Yonsei University, 1997

Interest Area

Affordable Housing, Mixed-use Development Opportunities, Sovereign Fund

Career Ambition

With a cutting-edge knowledge of the real estate market acquired at MIT, I will implement various investment and development projects around the globe.

Why MIT?

MIT’s Real Estate program is second to none in the world, providing me with an opportunity to acquire the tools I need to begin a new chapter. Core courses like Real Estate Finance and Real Estate Economics will provide me with the theory that will not only supplement, but also unify my career skills.


‘Dreams are today's answers to tomorrow's questions.’ – Edgar Cayce