Color Lateral Studio with William Miller

Studio Activities

How often do you think about color in your work and research? Get your hands messy with paint! Understand how color works in space and how it affects our daily experience. This studio-based workshop will provide the basic foundations to understand color theory and apply it to spatial practice. We will start with a brief historical and cultural perspective, and cover the vocabulary to articulate color phenomena and the means to exploit the potential of color in our work. We will then create a series of color studies with paint to experience the power of color and light to affect our perception of space.

William Miller teaches color in the Painting Department at the Rhode Island School of Design. His Color Studio class has a broad interdisciplinary following as it makes color theory and it application accessible for painters, artists, and designers. He has lectured and conducted workshops on color and paint at numerous colleges, universities, and art schools across the United States. As an Education Adviser for Winsor & Newton, he has worked extensively with colors, pigments, and paint. Mr. Miller is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, and has completed professional development work at the Munsell Color Science Laboratory at Rochester Institute of Technology. 

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