Glass Structures Lateral Studio with Diablo Glass School

Studio Activities

Students will split into two groups and work in glassblowing and flameworking for a two-hour period in each studio. After these introductory sessions, students and teachers will work together to design a series of structural pieces, testing the spans, geometries, and structural arrangements of different techniques. The end product can range from a repeatable module to an experimental series.

Diablo Glass School opened in 2001, creating a public access glass arts studio in Boston, Massachusetts. Diablo is a place where beginning and experienced glass artists are welcome to share a nurturing environment, to grow and develop their creative skills in a warm, inviting atmosphere. Diablo offers different levels classes and facilities in various disciplines, exposing a broad spectrum of people to exciting glass techniques in glassblowing, flameworking, fused glass and stained glass. By connecting students to professional national and international glass artists, we provide a learning experience that constantly offers new information and challenges. Diablo currently has partnerships with institutions such as the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston University, Massachusetts College of Arts and Design, and deCordova Museum and Sculptural Park.