Thesis 2018

Thesis 2018
Projects from SA+P's 2018 graduating students
Gallery 9
June 8 – September 14, 2018

Exhibition statement from SA+P Dean Hashim Sarkis:

Every field of knowledge defines its domain by asking “what” and “how” about a certain aspect of the world. Biology asks, “What is life and how do living organisms work?” Urbanism asks, “What is a city and how does it work?” Underlying the inquiry, however, is always another question: “What if?” How can the world be otherwise? How can it be better?

A thesis in the School of Architecture and Planning at MIT often starts with “What if?”, proposing an alternative world that, through its own construction, explains a lot about the world it aims to improve. An alternative natural preserve, for example, opens our eyes to the biases we hold about nature and animals. An alternative community-based process in energy conservation carefully analyzes how conservation is currently done.

This exhibition exuberantly represents the potentials of the space that every thesis creates between design and discovery. 

With much gratitude and warm congratulations to all graduates for enriching our world with endless possibilities,

Hashim Sarkis
Dean of the School of Architecture and Planning

Exhibition credits

Planning and coordination: Irina Chernyakova, Ezra Glenn, Jesse Kaminsky, Maya Shopova

Exhibition design: Maya Shopova, Irina Chernyakova, Zain Karsan (projector), Tyler Swingle (catalogue stands)

Graphic design: Pedro Zylbersztajn

Fabrication: Andrew Gallant, Ernesto Perez, Scott Spence (MIT Central Machine Shop); Zain Karsan

Installation: Zain Karsan, Clarence Lee, Jaehun Woo, Ziyu Xu

SA+P facilities: Jim Harrington, Michael Enos

Finance and administration: Dineen Doucette, Ken Goldsmith, Douglas LeVie

Communications: Tom Gearty, Amanda Moore, Melissa Vaughn

Special thanks: Seth Avecilla, Christopher Dewart, Keira Horowitz, Duncan Kincaid, Laura Knott, Melika Konjicanin, Christoph Kumpusch, Patricia Nesti, Hana Omiya