Architectural Assemblies

Architectural Assemblies is a course geared towards the development of innovative architectural systems, with a specific focus on the building envelope and a holistic understanding of the building cycle. Throughout the semester, students review materials, processing methods, their formation into building systems, and normative and advanced design-delivery techniques such as automation pipelines and file-to-factory processes. Students investigated notable built projects through large-scale model mock-ups to develop a deep understanding of a project's context, site, program, organizational logic, envelope, tectonics, and material and construction systems.


Instructors: Marc Simmons, John Klein
Teaching Assistants: John Christopher Fechtel, Paul Luis Short

Students: Noora Aljabi, Borislav Angelov, Alex Beaudouin-Mackay, Adiel Benitez, G. Carlos Casalduc, Stratton Coffman, Mathieu Cote, Valeria Rivera Deneke, Jaya Eyzaguirre, Marlena Fauer, Dalma Foldesi, Shepard Halsey, Gabrielle Heffernan, Stephan Hernandez, Trevor Hilker, Angeline Jacques, Steven Kosovac, Thuy Le, Hyerin Lee, Catherine Lie, Kevin Marblestone, Aaron Powers, Jung In Seo,Taeseop Shin, Cristina Solis, Courtney Stephen, Cheyenne Vandevoorde, Sarah Wagner, Patrick Weber, Emily Whitbeck, Chaoyun Wu, Finn Xu, Shane Zhang, Stella Zhang