Fair Use: An Architectural Timeline

FAIR USE is a timeline of historical instances, characters, trajectories, theories, and court cases that together begin to describe the realm of appropriation in architecture. It was compiled during the Fall 2012 research workshop at MIT, 4.184 Appropriation: The Work of Architecture in the Age of Copyright, instructed by Ana Miljački and Sarah Hirschman. 

4.184 Participants: Kyle Barker, Christianna Bonin, Daniela Covarrubias, Erioseto Hendranata, Juan Jofre, Alexander Marshall, Nicholas Polansky, Kelly Presutti, Kamyar Rahimi, Mikaila Waters, Travis Williams.

Exhibition Team: Kyle Barker, Christianna Bonin, Kyle Coburn, Daniela Covarrubias, Juan Jofre, Nicholas Polansky, Kelly Presutti.


Under the Influence Book Available on Amazon

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Fair Use 2.0, exhibition in Portland, Maine, August 2014

Un/Fair Use, exhibition at Center for Architecture, NY - September 2015