Feeling Contexts: C+S Architects

For us, the Keller Gallery at MIT was a context to graft some thoughts around architecture. As if lifted from our studio in Italy and planted directly within MIT, a working table of suggestions, models, drawings and sketches composes the central space of the gallery. Situated at a register just above the floor, a physical move is required by the observer to look at each piece. While allowing the perception of a general atmosphere from the standing position, it’s the visitor’s choice to stop and pay attention to one detail. More than a table, we designed a frame, where pixels of our works are appear within a raw lumber structure with the aim of letting the visitor customize their own opinion of the connections and threads which tie together the different aspects of our work. These “pixels” could easily been moved to create new and different landscapes. What ties the different materials together is a tonality, an atmosphere made of light and shadow, which is strongly connected to our work, a cross-section through architecture and landscape design. The walls of the gallery itself are repainted to create a grain, a thicker texture which captures and intensifies the shadow where the projection of a quotation by José Saramago strengthens the idea of customization related to that of having a journey through our feelings about architecture. We believe that architects are the translators of contexts. -- Carlo Cappai and Maria Alessandra Segantini