Room: Get to Work

We’re tired of holding back.  For too long we’ve been embarrassed to admit that we really like hanging out in stationery shops, that we missed dinner (again) just because we couldn’t find the right shade of white museum board, that we can tell the difference between Strathmore and Bristol by smell, and that we stayed up all night not to finish our model but only to hand cut different scalies to populate it with.  We’re sorry that we lied, we’re sorry that we ruined so many relationships, we’re sorry this is so nerdy, but we are here to finally just admit our love for…. tools.

The A:LOG was a tool we made for ourselves.  Essentially a blank notebook, save for some reference pages and a simple dot-grid, our goal from the start was to create something as functional and enjoyable as one of the other gems in our architecture toolbox.  A book that helps realize the designs of others, rather than promoting its own.   It was in this spirit, that we created an exhibition that showcases the objects that get work done; save for the king size Twix bars. 

We hope you will frequent the Keller gallery in the next three weeks, as a space to exchange ideas, use some scalies, and perhaps grab some last minute pins when there’s only two minutes before a review and your friend somehow misplaced the ones you let them borrow but when you tried to call them your phone had no battery from staying at studio all night so you scrounged in your drawer to find change so that you could run to Keller gallery to grab some pins and finally get your stuff up on the wall.  We hope you enjoy it, and we totally understand if you don’t want to invite your non-architect friends, they won’t get it anyway.

A:LOG was designed by ROOM in the spring of 2013.  Created during the 2nd year of their M.Arch Degree at Columbia’s GSAPP, the notebook raised over $30,000 dollars on Kickstarter, was supported by nearly 800 different backers, shipped to over 30 different countries, and is now currently selling in bookstores and online.  

ROOM was formed by Paul Chan, Rich Duff, and Ebberly Strathairn as a space to pursue projects in New York City.