Some Evidence of Real Alternatives

It seemed not too long ago that alternative realities were indeed the purview of all architectural projects. But as that notion (and term) got swept into the vortex of contemporary media and politics, swirling now dangerously close to the drain, real alternatives seem ever more urgently necessary. The 2017 M.Arch Theses included here operate on the edge where contemporary environmental, cultural and political transformations meet the discipline and the profession of architecture. Their premises are radically real and their conception of architectural agency hopeful. The projects are presented as a collection of fragments that one might indeed encounter in a future archive.

2017 M.Arch Thesis

Blanca Abramek, Parade Square: The Discursive Surface of Post-Socialist Warsaw
Kristina Eldrenkamp, Spaces Between Places
Grigori Enikolopov, Dispatches from the Transient City
Sam Ghantous, Architecture in the After-Net
Maxwell Jarosz, Toxic Urbanism: Heart | Heimatlosigkeit | Home
Alice Kao, Anthropogenic Landscapes: Owens Lake, CA
Chang Liu, Library of Wonder
Liang Liu, A Generator of Sensory Architectures
Weiqian Liu, A Living Monument for a Rootless City
Xinyi Ma, From Roots to Routes
Jessica Pace, Finance & Architecture: A Tragic Love Story
Kaining Peng, People's Wall
Joohui Son, Enclave: Testing City for Korean Reunification
Chenxue Wang, Living with the Dead
Xu Zhang, Conversation on Saving a Historical Community: A Participatory Renewal and Preservation Platform