The Wind Egg

Artist Talk: April 3, 2018
The Wind Tunnel Model
Haseeb Ahmed and Florian Dombois

Ahmed and Dombois present their individual and collaborative artistic practices and research on wind tunnels. Together with the Research Focus in Transdisciplinarity Zurich, led by Dombois, they edited the Wind Tunnel Bulletin. Dombois will present last year's project Galleria de Vento in Venice, while Ahmed will present excerpts from 'The Wing Egg,' a film shot during an intervention in the von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics outside of Brussels and which was screened continually in the Keller Gallery from March 5-28. The artists' wind research and projects subvert the language and methods of scientific experiment and reportage, using modern wind tunnel technology to engender new narratives and new, fluid speculations about the relationships among science, art, and engineering.


MIT Keller Gallery, Room 7-408
On view March 5 - 28, 2018
Open Monday - Saturday, 9 AM - 6 PM