Between Spaces

A Project by Wendy Jacob

Wendy Jacob's sculptures and site-based installations explore the interface between the body and architecture. Between Spaces invites visitors to traverse a 35 foot practice tight wire and be engulfed by a squeeze chair — one experience evokes exposure and risk, the other enclosure and safety. At the exhibition opening, a performer will cross a high wire as it passes through an open gallery window and into the stacks of the adjacent Rotch Library.

Jacob's other work includes breathing walls and ceilings, warm rosettes, hugging life vests, and tightropes through living rooms. Her projects involve collaboration with circus performers, homeowners, engineers and scientists. Jacob's work has been shown at the Centre Georges-Pompidou, Whitney Museum of American Art, Mass MoCA and the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego. She is an Associate Professor of Visual Arts at MIT.