Building Discourse

Building Discourse is a collection of nearly fifty faculty members’ research and design projects. The projects collected represent the recent work of faculty in all five discipline groups: Architectural Design; Art, Culture and Technology; History, Theory and Criticism; Building Technology; and Computation. The exhibition reveals the rich, multifarious, and heterogeneous research interests and works of the faculty through an equally varied collection of artifacts including books, pamphlets, models, objects, drawings, diagrams, and photographs. Building Discourse exhibits one project by each faculty member, bringing into view the full spectrum of research that frames the discursive space at MIT Architecture.

Wolk Gallery


On view from February 5th - April 17th, 2015

Curatorial Team: William O’Brien Jr., Associate Professor; John David Todd, Designer, WOJR: Organization for Architecture; Irina Chernyakova, Publications and Exhibitions

Fabrication and Installation: rukamathu.smith with Amanda Lee and Peter Durrant; and Christopher Dewart, Architecture Shops 

With special thanks to: J. Meejin Yoon, Head of the Department of Architecture; Gary Van Zante, Curator, and Ulrike Heine, Curatorial Assistant, Architecture and Design at the MIT Museum; Jim Harrington, Facilities Manager; Justin Lavallee, Director, and Christopher Dewart, Manager, Architecture Shops; Duncan Kincaid and the CRON Staff; Karine Szekeres, WOJR; Nicole Ashurian and Ching Ying Ngan, MIT Architecture