Dislocated City

Berlin Photographs by Angus Boulton

The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 marked the beginning of Berlin’s restoration as the political, economic and cultural capital of a unified Germany. The city that critic Karl Scheffler described a century ago as ‘always in the process of becoming’ is today still in the process of being remade, and seems to be in a permanent state of dislocation.

Dislocated City: Berlin Photographs by Angus Boulton explores the city’s complex layers of memory and history to reveal a visually-exhilarating cityscape in transformation, where old and new are thrown together in dynamic juxtaposition.

Born in England in 1964, Angus Boulton began photographing Berlin in 1998 on a DG Bank art scholarship that resulted in a book and exhibition, Richtung Berlin, in 2000. The Berlin photographs were the starting point for a larger project investigating the legacy of the Soviet military in the former East Germany, and in 2005 he was awarded a fellowship at Manchester Metropolitan University to research this historical narrative in photography and film. The Wolk exhibition has been selected from Richtung Berlin and from Boulton’s later work through 2009.

Curated by Gary Van Zante