The Exploring Eye: The Photography of Eric De Maré

In a long and distinguished career, British photographer Eric de Maré (1910-2002) embraced a wide range of subjects, from eighteenth and nineteenth century architecture to contemporary practice. Trained as an architect in the 1930s, he was able to interpret architectural landscapes lucidly through words as well as images, writing and illustrating dozens of articles and over twenty books. His popular publications included The Canals of England (1950), Bridges of Britain (1954), London's Riverside (1958), and Photography and Architecture (1961). His work gave a new respectability to architectural photography far beyond the confines of professional discourse and was widely influential in the preservation of historic architecture in Britain. 

"The Exploring Eye" features almost 50 photographs from many of de Maré's publications, and takes its title from his best known series published in the Architectural Review in 1957. The exhibition has been produced in collaboration with the Royal Institute of British Architects.