Working in Mumbai: RMA Architects

Working in Mumbai presents the urban interventions, historic preservation and contemporary building projects of Rahul Mehrotra and RMA Architects in India.

Appointed to MIT's faculty in 2007, Mehrotra is the principal architect of RMA, a practice he founded in 1990 that is deeply involved in building conservation and master planning projects in India, as well as office interiors, boutiques, weekend houses, factories, institutes and office buildings. His many award-winning projects have been published in architectural journals in India and abroad and exhibited in London, Ankara, Paris, Shanghai, Berlin and Bombay.

In 1995, he founded The Bombay Collaborative, a conservation architecture practice that works with historic buildings in the city; and from 1994 to 2004, he was the Executive Director of the Urban Design Research Institute, which promotes awareness and research on Bombay through the organization of lectures and workshops and the sponsoring of research projects and publications.

Mehrotra characterizes Mumbai as 'a messy, dynamic, democratic condition where many centuries and multiple aspirations intersect, collide and coexist, creating fascinating hybrid conditions and startling adjacencies'. The exhibition highlights the challenges that emerge from working in such a highly pluralistic landscape.

Mehrotra studied at the School of Architecture, Ahmedabad, and received a gold medal for his undergraduate dissertation. In 1987, he graduated with a master's degree in urban design with distinction from the Graduate School of Design at Harvard. Currently, he is director of the SA+P's Master of Science in Architecture Studies (SMArchS), before moving to Harvard GSD in 2011.