Faculty / Alumni
Gabriel Kozlowski

Gabriel Kozlowski is a Brazilian architect with a professional degree from PUC-Rio and a master of science in urban design from MIT.

Upon completing his masters, Gabriel started teaching as a Teaching Fellow in the Department of Architecture and Planning at MIT and working as a Research Associate at MIT’s Leventhal Center for Advanced Urbanism where he develops research with Hashim Sarkis and Adèle Naudé Santos.

Previously, Gabriel was a project leader at the SENSEable City Lab and a researcher for the American pavilion at the 14th Venice Architecture Biennale, where he contributed to the publications OfficeUS Agenda (Lars Müller Publishers, 2014) and OfficeUS Atlas (Lars Müller Publishers, 2015).

Gabriel worked for Mecanoo Architecten (Holland), Organization for Permanent Modernity (US), CAMPOaud (Brazil) and Daniel Gusmão Associated Architects (Brazil). He is also the founder of ENTRE, a collective that explores urban transformations through the medium of interviews, with which he published the book ENTRE – Interviews with architects by architecture students (Viana&Mosley, 2012).

Practicing architecture independently since his graduation in 2011, Gabriel has received recognition with awards such as: the 2nd prize in the international urban design competition for the Shanghai Railway Station Area (2015); the honorable mention in the national competition for the Brazil Antarctic Station (2013); and the third prize at the Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction in the category next generation (2010).

Among other achievements, Gabriel was awarded the MIT Department of Architecture Graduate Fellowship (2013-2015), the Master of Science Prize for Thesis (2015) and the MIT-Brazil TVML Seed Fund (2016); was shortlisted for the SOM Prize (2015) and the Roddenberry Fellowship (2017); and selected for the Buckminster Fuller Institute’s Catalyst Program (2017)