MIT Humor Series: Heben Nigatu (BuzzFeed's Another Round podcast), in conversation with Meryl Alper and Kishonna Gray, on black joy online

HEBEN NIGATU (BuzzFeed's Another Round podcast), in conversation with MERYL ALPER and KISHONNA GRAY.

Heben Nigatu, the co-host of BuzzFeed's wildly popular Another Round podcast ("A cultural phenomenon" --The Atlantic), speaks with Dr. Meryl Alper (author, Giving Voice: Mobile Communication, Disability, and Inequality, MIT Press 2017) and Dr. Kishonna Gray (author, Race, Gender, & Deviance in Xbox Live, Routledge 2014) about the cultural phenomenon of Another Round, creating space for underrepresented voices on online platforms and the podcasting landscape, Vine, #carefreeblackkids2k16 and sharing black joy, podcasts as journalism, speaking with Hilary Clinton, and using humor to talk about feminism, depression, anxiety, race, and racism. Moderated by Jonny Sun (internet comedian and MIT PhD student).